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Welcome to Cal Photography. I am honored to have you visit my site and explore my images. I derive great joy in their creation and more so if enjoyed by others. Please take your time, sign the guest book, leave comments if you desire or contact information. As with any art the viewer's eye is subjective and will be discriminating. So appreciate what you find to your liking whether just browsing, looking for a purchase or your specific image.
Should you be interested in a purchase please click the "buy" option. If a selection displays that your choice is below the resolution needed, please contact me and in most cases a higher resolution image can be provided to meet the size requirement of your choice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When making a purchase please make sure during your checkout process that you click on "PREVIEW AND CONFIGURATION" when on the "CONFIRMATION" page. This allows you to check the cropping of the image and make other choices as well. You can manually make any necessary changes to the image. The size print that you order needs to be at least in relative proportion to the dimensions of the photo in order to include all or most of what you see in the thumbnail image. The cropping you choose is what will be printed. If you don't choose a crop the program does a default guess (normally a centered crop). You can also use an option called "BEST FIT" under the print option in the product selection page to assist in choosing the size print that will match that particular photo.

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Professional work!
DSLR camera can be so amazing when it comes to nature photography. DSLRs typically have more durable shutters and faster frame rates, can handle abnormal temperatures as well as humidity and will have faster processing speed, better auto-focus, etc. It makes each frame perfect.::
Summer Festival CDE in the pictures seems to be very successful :)
very nice picture some are very impresive and nice work
Ronald Kim Harris(non-registered)
The "magic" of that area is hard to explain to others who have not been there. You have done a great job in capturing it through your photos! There is so much more, seems like everywhere you turn another amazing site pops up! I hope you return soon.